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Indian Head Massage

Traditional Indian Head massage or "champi" is one of the key elements in the Ayurvedic System of natural healing practised in India for over 4000 years.

The head, neck and shoulders contain many vital energy centres. Stress and tension tend to accumulate within these vulnerable areas, leading to muscular stiffness, headaches, mental fatigue, anxiety and insomnia. Indian Head massage involves the use of firm but gentle movements which are designed to help release tension and encourage the removal of both physical and emotional blockages, promoting self awareness and a sense of calm throughout the whole body.

Aromatic oils can be used during the treatment to nourish the scalp and hair and provide a greater depth of relaxation.


Effects and Benefits

  • Decreases mental stress and tension
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Reduces headaches and migraine
  • Relieves sinus congestion
  • Increases joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders
  • Boosts concentration levels and alertness
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